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Requirements for DNA extraction service

We offer a service of DNA extraction starting from complex matrices using MoBio PowerFecal® extraction kit. This kit can be used interchangeably with the PowerSoil® DNA Isolation kit to isolate DNA from soil, environmental, stool, gut and biosolid samples. For large sample size we use automated Qiacube HT robot with MoBio sample preprocessing (lysis step).

Matrices requirements:

  • Stools: 100 – 200 mg in 2 ml tubes (Vials);
  • Biosolids and soils: 100 – 200 mg in 2 ml tubes (Vials);
  • Whey, milk and beverages: 2 ml in 2 ml tubes (Vials);
  • Fresh dairy products: 250 – 500 mg in 2 ml tubes (Vials);
  • Oral microbiome: 25 – 50 mg of lyophilized saliva/oral rinse in 2 ml tubes (Vials).


 Example of required Vial, screw cap.


If your matrix is not present in this list, we need to test our protocols on few of your samples (one or two) and provide the first amplification step using different DNA diluitions. This set up has a fixed price of 250 euros.


Matrices to be extracted (but dry powders) must be sent us in refrigerated boxes (from 4°C to -20°C).

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